housing-forward-prevail-verticalPrevail is pleased to announce that it has merged with Housing Forward.  Read more...

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Are you looking for a job? Let our trained volunteers help you put your best foot forward. Prevail’s Job Readiness Program is available by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Call 708-386-1946 x 2104 to make an appointment.

Could you use some help managing your budget? Our Financial Literacy Program provides one-on-one practical financial counseling.  

Please call 708-386-1946 x 2108 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Volunteer Spotlight

What is more exciting than a database? Lots of people might respond, “What isn’t?” However, the database can be the core component of a client-based organization. This means that someone who really understands, or even finds excitement in a database system can truly define the success of an organization. So, Prevail was very excited to connect with Tammy more about Tammy by clicking here.   Tammy

Oak Park Homelessness Coalition

OPHCPrevail is a proud member of the Oak Park Homelessness Coalition!  Read more...

Prevail 10th Anniversary Party


Thanks to Tori Soper for capturing the highlights of the Prevail 10th Anniversary Party!  Read more...